Death by Love

death becomes my mindless mess
deavouring my every thought
my thoughts converge on loss
loss that haunts my every joyous rememberance
hurt that bleeds black into every corner of my broken soul

i fear i will lose one that i love
i fear that will will never love the one for me
i fear that i will never see a golden sunrise
or a purple sunset
i feer the scent of this world will die in my nostrils
and the sounds in my ears fade without warning

No life is complete without loss
No death complete without dying
Only I can say I have no regrets
If only it were true

I have never truely loved a partner without malice
I have never let the gulf sweep me out to sea
I have never recorded my thoughts with melody and rythm
I have never been real with myself

Do not let one more day pass without love
Do not let one more night pass with out peace
Never take your mind for granted
You will not know when it has abandoned you
Give yourself up to your convictions
And find joy in every moment of your freedom
One day it will all be gone

In tirany or death I will be me
In fear or oppression I will press on
In peace or eternal sleep I will leave my thoughts on this earth to fuel the minds and inspire the hearts of my predacessors

Die peacefully in the arms of the one you love
Live joyfully in the prison we call our bodies
Never let your life slip away in a cloud of smoke
As smoke it will disapate before you can catch it

In loving memory to those who have passed before me and those who will pass after me
Dont be afraid of the words I Love You

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