Life in Maddness

Lost inside this box
My marionettor dangling my life
Between the edge of madness and insanity
I drive my fleating strenth
To bear the weight of open wounds
My enless hunger tearing me apart

I cant control
My endless glances
To behold
Another body
cloaked in agony
crumpled in the corner

My marionettor dances on
Yet I am still
My heart not beating
I fear the worst for both of us
My endless glances
The body in the corner
Of the box im lost in

This wooden shell
My broken body
Heart not beating
It never has
Im just a doll
Shes just a doll
lying in the corner
of the box I call my world
that holds me on the brink of madness
Insanity keeping me sane
quiet fueling the voices
that scream my name
over and over and over and over again

I yell but nothing comes out
I scream yet I cannot hear it
my strings are broken
my pain will not cease
Im just a doll in a box that will never let me out

Im just a puppet
and the marrionettor has clipped my strings
dancing into the star light
rejoicing that my body is crumpled in a corner
just like her
my heart never beat before
why should it now
im a wooden doll
broken beyond repair
dashed on the rocks of my makers insanity
closed inside my box
dead, dying, breathing, beating, living
I am alive and my box holds my secrets
my box holds my shame, my tears, my convictions
all hidden and safe in my insanity
my madness that consumes me
my fate
life and death in a box with cut strings and broken, faded wood.
nothing can bring me to life but my marrionettors hands
cruel and gentle
stern and forgiving
live on…

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