How to Feel Color in Wind…

What is the color of wind or rather do I see color in wind? You might say I cant see color in wind because wind is transparent. To that I answer it is simple.

The color of wind is not a sight, smell or taste…it is a feeling. The color of wind is when the warm spring or fall breeze runs a chill up your spine giving you a jolt of pure pleasure and peace. I use this description very loosely. Really the color of wind is what i call the thing that makes you truely peacefull and content. Like holding hands with your true love, relaxing in your favorite chair with the fatiest food you can think of, or the calm of laying in the grass staring up into the sky on a warm summer day watching all of creation dance around your outstretched body.

I dream about the color of wind. The peace that is easy to find for some and a nightmare to be without, yet that is the case for so many stressed, overworked, uptight people in this world. I am not a renowned author or famed psycologist, but i know that life is better when you make the time to be at peace and reflect on the passing days weeks and years…

Let your thoughts guide you to refreshment.
To be continued….by everyone who reads this…

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