Bipity Bopity Bacon!

So have you ever been sitting at your desk at work dreaming of all the fun you could be having outside…no? Then you walk over to a window just to find out its raining chunks of bacon and strawberry creppes… I havent either *rolls eyes*. I have never thought about anything like that…wait…

Today…while at work, I was sitting thinking about my life and wondered. I do that alot I wonder about so many things, things I will probably never have answers for.

Have you ever poured gasoline on your arm and lit it on fire just so you could watch skin melt? Have you ever ordered 13 triple cheese burgers at Wendy’s and just before they ask for the money you drive off? Have you ever seen Jeff Bridges in a cloud or God in a tree or thought God looked like Jeff Bridges? Or how about bought pixie sticks and opened them all up in a pile on the glass coffee table and grabbed a razor blade and pulled a few lines out like cocaine….just to freak your mom out…

I have never done any of that but it would be fun…I’m done for today, maybe ill think about writing more tomorrow. Whether I actually get on and update is a whole different story.

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