So I have trust issues. I scare myself into believing that at any moment she will change her mind and walk away leaving me to scour my brain for what I did wrong. Its kinda like voices in my head but they arent telling me kill Flaor Flav and burn his “restaurant” to the ground or butcher a moose and wear its body around town like a costume. They are more like “you’re not good enough for her”, “she is only using you as a stepping stone till something better comes along”, or “your ticks will drive her away!”. Everyday is a battle in my mind to know shes with me because I am me. I worry, everyday….ALOT… It is stressful and tiring. Is my love enough for her? Am I worth a lifetime of work, communication, & company? Only time can tell, but I know she is worth it. I am insecure with myself and that gets taken out on the ones that mean the most to me. I worry because I’m insecure, I’m insecure because I worry. Just tell me its ok, promise me you wont leave and you wont let me leave…EVER. Because if you dont tell me and mean it, I will believe the voices eventually and leave first and I DONT want to leave!

  1. quit being an insecure little bitch and man up. if you dont want to leave, then don’t leave. and if you butchered a moose and wore it’s body, i’d still love ya! 🙂 Chin up charlie

      • xbloodworkx
      • January 26th, 2011

      I got the idea for the moose from Tom Green but it was a deer in whatever movie that was lol.

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