I didnt think

I didn’t think before I acted. In a Facebook social society a relationship status change can be a big deal. It scared her. I didn’t realize the impact it would have and I scared her. We talked the other night and I apologized and I let her know I didn’t mean to move too fast. I asked if she would date me exclusively and she said yes. So I am happy. I am not happy about our horrible schedules though. She works crazy hours and the next couple months are going to be crazy busy for both of us. We are both travelling and it seems like on opposite weeks so She will leave and get back like the same day I leave, NOT cool, but I will deal because I really like her and will support her with what she wants to do with her life. 🙂

This week has been great so far, pending the SNOWPOCALYPSE, I hope the rest goes well. Gotta get the house clean for the Super Bowl Party on Sunday.

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