The Words I Do

So I just watched the latest Greys Anatomy, because I am sappy like that. It was an episode about weddings and the problems that can hinder a wedding. Also the pressure that can mature out of a lie.

I will not lie it made me shed a tear. I thought about the day I may get married and how much it will mean to me to have a woman that I love devote herself to me and me to her for the rest of our lives. But also thought about my daughter and will I get to see the day that she gets married. Will I be the one walking her down the isle will I get to dance with her at her reception?

I think that getting married may mean more to me than most guys. And I pray that I have already met the woman that will be that special someone that I spend the rest of my life with. I already know I love her with everything in me. She is mysterious though. I don’t always know how to read her, but I see that spark in her eye when she smiles at me. I see a future of quiet times at home and family get togethers and children laughing and smiling with us. I can see it but does she?

I get she has been hurt in the past and I don’t want to pry that up. I have too most of all I have hurt myself. Sabatagded myself into failure. I can never promise her perfection but I can promise to always try to be the best and the pony man she will ever need.

I would do anything for her.

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