First Post for 2012

Well last time I posted I was jobless, depressed, and hating life. Things have really turned around over the last month. After I lost my job I ended up doing some short contract IT jobs and working on my parents house as well as my house. Still didnt get enough done at my house but its getting there, slowly. At the end of November I was lucky enough to be affered a position working for Sayers on site with John Deere. When Sayers hired me they said I would be working on Windows 7 imaging..when I got to Deere my first day I found out I would be taking over Windows Mobile 5, 6, and 6.5 handheld scanners, not a big deal its a job right…It is a big deal, this job role is going to be very taxing for the first year or so…but I am finally happy with what I am doing and I am learning alot, which means I am not bored and that makes my job enjoyable, plus the fact that I am working for Deere again.

Shortly after starting at Deere I started talking to my now girlfriend, Brooke, and in a short time we both realized that we are pretty much perfect for each other. I have been looking for a girl like her for a long time. She is outgoing, smart, beautiful, and a wonderful cook (so she says lol). Ive known her for a long time, or known of her, but never had the balls to talk to her. I took a shot in the dark and its paid off.

A couple weeks ago my Deere manager basically told me to go back to school NOW. So I signed up for classes at Blackhawk and was accepted, I take my placement test tomorrow and get information about my classes, hopefully I will be able to get everything lined up to start classes next Tuesday. I am planning on going into the Desktop Administration track which will put me on track for an Associates in Computer Science. After that I will transfer into a 4 year school to get my Bachelors.

I know the next few months are going to be crazy but Im happy and things are going great!

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