Reviews: The Hunger Games Trilogy

I am not a reader, so I select audio books as my preferred method of “reading”. I love detailed stories with drama and suspense that drags me in and grabs me holding me tight till the end. The Hunger Games did exactly that. The trilogy starts out fast and introducing multiple characters and back story with ease. The story is easy to follow and moves quickly without leaving out any detail. The author uses easy to understand words and phrases, a high school level set of books but the grasp of the story makes up for the lack of terminology. I especially love the twists and turns through out the three books. I do not want to spoil any part of the trilogy for anyone so I will not reference any direct reference of the story. I would give 4 of 5 stars for this trilogy, not that my say matters. I hope others can find a unique adventure in this series it is a great read/listen.

  1. I “read” Hunger Games by listening to it on a long car trip. There is a different dimension to audio experiencing a novel, that’s for sure. I read the other two books and rushed through them. I hope to reread the series and slow down this time. You can’t rush through an audio though, and one has to pay attention or miss out and have to back track.
    Happy Pages,

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