Microsoft Office 2013 Click to Run Install & Google Business Apps Sync Hate Each Other

So lately we have been doing alot of PC upgrades to get customers off Windows XP before its impending doom date. Windows 7 and Office 2013…a great combination for the Windows User and personally I love Office 2013. That being said Office 2013 SUCKS BALLS!!! At least when you need to install Google Apps for Business Sync for Outlook. If you buy a new PC from Dell, HP, Acer, whatever company, it really doesnt matter. Instead of sending a DVD, or a Jump Drive with the Office media on it they give you the Office 2013 Click-to-Run Installer. Microsoft I HATE YOU! Try installing Google Apps Sync for Outlook, it will give you some god awful error stating that Outlook needs to be reinstalled. Uninstall office and try to figure out how to reinstall it…give up? Yeah I thought so…especially if the customer ordered some off version of office like Home and Business…who the fuck in their right mind doesn’t need all the extras in Pro Plus, just to save a couple of bucks. I am being very sarcastic here Pro Plus is probably overkill, but most techs can get their hands on an ISO of Pro Plus, but trying to find a copy of Home & Business is like finding a piece of blue straw (straw what is used as bedding for pigs and chickens and shit) in a pile regular yellow straw. After hours of digging through Google searches and random forums I finally found a fix, at least its a fix for the current version of GApps Sync, this might change with an update, or with a Windows Patch.

1. Connect to the Internet and get a cup of coffee and possibly a gun or sharp knife (you will figure out what these are for if this process fails you)
2. Install Office 2013 Click-to-Run
5. Reboot
6. Install GApps Sync (make sure you get the version that is “compatible” with Click-to-Run, dont say you cant find it…it says there is a different version for Click-to-Run right on the download page!)
7. If this works google changed something, if it fails (big error message) continue.
8. Uninstall GApps Sync
9. Reboot
10. Open START > Control Panel > Programs & Features
11. Hightlight Office and click the CHANGE button at the top (DON’T UNINSTALL OFFICE!)
12. Select ONLINE FULL Repair and continue.
13. WAIT
14. Follow on screen prompts.
17. Once Complete Reboot
18. Install GApps Sync
19. SUCCESS, or not.
20. If it fails grab that gun we talked about earlier and shoot the PC. 3 times should do it.
21. If you are still not satisfied throw the PC off the roof.
22. If you are still not satisfied throw your self off the roof, might want to use the gun though it will hurt less, or more, im really not sure.

In conclusion. Yells MICROSOFT!! GOOGLE!! Stop comparing penis’s and just fix the issues already! The customers pay your bills/salaries stop being jackasses!

Have fun!

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