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True Colors

The last couple of weeks I have been hooked on Zedd’s new album True Colors. There are multiple songs in which the lyrics hit me hard regarding my love life…or lack there of. A little under a year ago, I was “friend zoned” by a girl, woman, that I have an emotional interest in. She is everything I would love to have in a partner. She is self sufficient, strong, goal oriented, and pretty sure understands me. Which understanding me is a feat in and of itself. In the long run I am realizing that the “friend zone” status is not going to change, and it is driving me up a wall. Anyway, back to the point. Zedd’s new album has # songs in particular that I wish she could here the same way I do; Done With Love, True Colors, Straight Into the Fire, Daisy, and Illusion (Google Music link). I have been alone for a long time, and I want that to end. In the beginning I hoped she would end the loneliness, but I don’t think that is going to happen. My best friend keeps telling me to stop talking to her, easier said than done, I keep getting pulled back into her web of seeking friendship, but no more. I used to see a look in her eyes that I could only interpret as longing, with overcast fear. Now all I see is a glaze and I cant read it. While we converse and interact well, it always comes down to the same thing; I want to dive in and she’s content with playing in the kiddie pool, where her ankles are barely submerged. If anyone has advice I am more than happy to listen.