Write what your heart screams and dance like flame on a candle of oil. Never lose sight of the things held dear. Love wild and live free. For no man can break desire when true. Be patient, calm, cool and find happiness in yourself. The wars of mind and body may fatigue the soul but the spirit never withers. Blind faith is as standing on the edge of a cliff in a hurricane knowing it shall not move you. All is loss but loss is gain. Knowledge and wisdom and tragedy teaches lessons of life. Die fat and happy in a life unwasted. Serenity


Reviews: The Hunger Games Trilogy

I am not a reader, so I select audio books as my preferred method of “reading”. I love detailed stories with drama and suspense that drags me in and grabs me holding me tight till the end. The Hunger Games did exactly that. The trilogy starts out fast and introducing multiple characters and back story with ease. The story is easy to follow and moves quickly without leaving out any detail. The author uses easy to understand words and phrases, a high school level set of books but the grasp of the story makes up for the lack of terminology. I especially love the twists and turns through out the three books. I do not want to spoil any part of the trilogy for anyone so I will not reference any direct reference of the story. I would give 4 of 5 stars for this trilogy, not that my say matters. I hope others can find a unique adventure in this series it is a great read/listen.

First Post for 2012

Well last time I posted I was jobless, depressed, and hating life. Things have really turned around over the last month. After I lost my job I ended up doing some short contract IT jobs and working on my parents house as well as my house. Still didnt get enough done at my house but its getting there, slowly. At the end of November I was lucky enough to be affered a position working for Sayers on site with John Deere. When Sayers hired me they said I would be working on Windows 7 imaging..when I got to Deere my first day I found out I would be taking over Windows Mobile 5, 6, and 6.5 handheld scanners, not a big deal its a job right…It is a big deal, this job role is going to be very taxing for the first year or so…but I am finally happy with what I am doing and I am learning alot, which means I am not bored and that makes my job enjoyable, plus the fact that I am working for Deere again.

Shortly after starting at Deere I started talking to my now girlfriend, Brooke, and in a short time we both realized that we are pretty much perfect for each other. I have been looking for a girl like her for a long time. She is outgoing, smart, beautiful, and a wonderful cook (so she says lol). Ive known her for a long time, or known of her, but never had the balls to talk to her. I took a shot in the dark and its paid off.

A couple weeks ago my Deere manager basically told me to go back to school NOW. So I signed up for classes at Blackhawk and was accepted, I take my placement test tomorrow and get information about my classes, hopefully I will be able to get everything lined up to start classes next Tuesday. I am planning on going into the Desktop Administration track which will put me on track for an Associates in Computer Science. After that I will transfer into a 4 year school to get my Bachelors.

I know the next few months are going to be crazy but Im happy and things are going great!


Its been 2 weeks of limbo. I think I may crack. I have worked many jobs since high school in several fields but IT is what I love. Being without a job and waiting for answers from placement agencies is nerve racking and depressing.
I have been helping with construction jobs a little trying to keep busy but its not helping. My mind is either racing or not functioning but most of the time it feels like both at the same time.
Someone save me from myself.


Does everything happen for a reason? What was the reason today? I’m seriously confused. There are some people that you just can’t trust and I learned that the hard way. Now I’m on a search. This just throws another wrench into things, ain’t life grand.


Part of me is glad that summer is coming to an end and part of me is sad. It has been a crazy summer; a new job, a lost friend, an old girlfriend, a new girlfriend, more new challenges, burdens lifted and new stresses born. I can’t help but to look at it all and think where would I be if one or more of the events of this summer didn’t happen.would I be the same person? Would I be in the same place? I have no idea.

I write to get my thoughts straight. Today I realized ADM was a cake job and the hospital is a lot different. It’s not a bad thing that I made the move, just new challenges to face. I also realized that I don’t listen well. Whether to my boss or to my girlfriend. Caring too much can be the cause strife and not caring at all can cause complete failure. How do I balance it? I have no idea. All I can do is try.

That’s all I can really think about tonight.

Where is it?

Where is the picture perfect romance that I see on tv? Why can’t I find that one woman that wants me? To settle down, be happy, have a family, make a family and spend the rest of our lives making memories and stories to tell our future kids?
All I want is a cute quiet girl that sees me for me. Someone that doesn’t mind my flaws. Loves kids, since I have one its a requirement lol. I don’t want a rebound.
I don’t wanna go out everynight. I’m a homebody but don’t mind a good night out.
I really don’t know why I’m writing this out its pointless, but whatever. It’s done.