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PAX East Day 1

Today was the first day of PAX East in Boston! We barely made it…Tim, Adam, Dustin & I flew out of Moline Thursday night, our flight was 2 hours late from Moline to O’Hare so of course we missed out connection to Boston. Since we missed our connection we had to sleep in O’Hare Thursday night so much fun… We boarded our flight from O’Hare to Boston at 7am Friday morning. The flight went well till we landed and it was raining in Boston and it felt like the plan was gonna fishtale down the runway, my heart dropped to my balls.
We made it to the hotel after having a scare about possibly not having a room. Checked in and made it to PAX by noon or so…i dont remember the exact time. We walked from the hotel to the convention center which was an experience in itself. Boston streets are frackin crazy, nothing like Chicago.
PAX is beyond words! Everything a gamer could imagine available at your fingertips and more. It took 6 hours just to visit the majority of the exhibits and there are still some I didnt get to check out. I definately need a new phone or at least a 2nd battery and a ZAGG Sparq to carry with me!
This is definitely a great time to brush up on MtG (Magic the Gathering) and Munchkin. Gonna definitely be working on some new decks and hopefully going to Friday Night Magic sometime this summer. I cant wait to get some more play time in after I get a new deck constructed.
We also saw MC Frontalot who put on an amazing show. Probably the best part of the day for me. I really hope tomorrow goes this well. Bethany, Tim’s sister, and her bf Matt are coming to Boston to meet up with us tomorrow night which will be really fun. Hope to see some of the city.